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How a new home inspection in Werribee can save you money?

A new home inspection in Werribee is protection from a lot of problems for your dream home

Building your new home not only allows you to customize your new house according to your requirements but also lets you enjoy living in a brand new property. But do you know that there could be defects and problems under the shining surface of your new home. These defects could be due to poor design, inferior material, and substandard workmanship. The defects are either covered up by the builder or the owner is just not aware of it.

These defects deteriorate with time and can cost thousands of dollars to repair or even may make your new house uninhabitable. That is why an independent building inspector is essential when building your new home. The inspector understands the whole process of construction and ensures that you get what you ordered. Here is what a new home inspector does:

  • The inspector thoroughly inspects each stage of the construction. There are mainly 5 stages of constructing a house which is pre-pouring,

  • The inspector makes sure that the building is constructed according to the relevant building plan, engineering drawing, and material specification.

  • The inspector prepares the reports of all the defects and deviations from the specification. These defects could be due to workmanship, design, or material. The concerned departments are warned and rectification of these defects is ensured.

  • The inspector advises the builder owner about the release of the payment at the end of each stage. If there are defects in the building and the builder is hesitant to fix those defects then payment should be stopped until the defects are rectified.

  • The inspector ensures the all the construction work is performed in compliance with the National Construction Code and another relevant Australian standard. If any incompliance is noticed then it is notified to the builder and owner for immediate fixing.

  • The inspector makes sure that builder, trade persons, site manager, and surveyors are performing their work properly.

  • The inspector provides consultation to the owner of the property through each stage of the construction.

There are normally 5 to 6 stages during the construction of the house and each stage has its own importance. Each stage inspection addresses particular problems related to that stage. The quality of inspection depends upon the quality of the inspector and it is very difficult to find a qualified inspector due to lack of government regulation. It takes a lot of time and effort to find a good one.

Building Inspection Council is a not-for-profit community service that provides free quotes to Australian home builders from independent local inspectors. The inspectors provide you report with any bias and influence. The home builders save $104.7 on average as compared to the market price for a new home inspection in Werribee. 97.9% of the inquiries come from the reference of family and friends of service users. The best thing about being a not-for-profit organization is that we do not have to compromise on anything for profit. You get the best service at the lowest price. Click new home inspection in Werribee for free quotes.

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